Alyce Paris Pink Short Dress


Look cute with this Pink dress
This is a Alyce Paris strapless dress. The feathers on the dress makes it very unique and the jeweled embellishments adds more glam to it. Check out for more details on the website.



Vogue Couture in store display


Check out the in store display for the month. We have brands like Terani Couture, Alyce Paris, Jasz Couture & Tony Bowls. Which one do you like. Give us a call and speak to our member of staff they will give you more details about the collection.

Guide to Buying the Best Designer Dresses

Designer dresses are one of the basic desires one woman would require in life in addition to her daily wearing dresses. However, for one reason or another, getting the best designer dresses of choice has always been one of the stumbling blocks for those who are contemplating to buy them. This could be simply because they are not endowed with the proper guidelines they should employ when buying them, or they are just ignorant of such basic considerations to apply. What one ought to know is the fact that there are a number of vendors selling such dresses and before buying them, there are important factors to bear into consideration before buying such clothes. These include the following:

The fabric used to manufacture the cloth

In the event of buying designer dresses, one is always expected to look into the material that used to manufacture the selected dress. As a matter of fact, various vendors involve in this kind of lucrative business with the express purpose of making money. For this reason, they always try their level best to bring into the market anything that they feel suits a client regardless of the quality. It is advisable to consider buying a high quality dress as they are the ones that are known for lasting for a lifetime. Consequently, to achieve this, buy clothes made of fine looking fabrics such as cotton, silk and other high quality materials. The Fashion and style are the key factors for manufacturing the designer dresses.

Nevertheless, fashion is also a factor that cannot be left out in this category. Although fashion keeps on changing with time, one should just buy attire which meets the threshold required by fashion trends.